Community Information & EventsNewsletters June 27, 2023

2023 Market Predictions, Fact Checked.

One of the reasons why we are fortunate to have Matthew Gardener as our Chief Economist at Windermere is his transparency. Every year, Matthew makes predictions for the coming year based on his monumental research and years of experience. Just this week, he reviewed his 2023 predictions and recorded the video below. Most of his predictions were spot on and only two were slightly off. That is pretty good considering crystal balls don’t exist.

In the video recap below, he covers the trajectory of home prices, interest rates, inventory levels, the shift of the work-from-home trend, zoning changes, and affordability. All of these factors play into people making informed decisions about their real estate. He is certainly an asset that I can rely upon to help me guide my clients.

Overall, it is important to note that prices are heading in a positive direction, interest rates may take a bit longer to settle and inventory remains tight. I am seeing buyer demand return to the market and prices have grown since the first of the year.

He also mentions that real estate is local and that trends can vary by location. That is where I can help you. I am deeply invested in understanding the market in the communities and neighborhoods that surround us. If you are curious about how the trends relate to your real estate goals, please reach out. It is always my goal to help keep my clients informed and empower strong decisions.





Windermere Community Service Day

This is the 8th year that my office has spent our Community Service Day working to put fresh produce on the tables of local families who need a little help. We work with the Snohomish Garden Club, planting over a half-acre of veggies and fruits that will be harvested into thousands of pounds of fresh produce over the summer and into the fall.

If you’d like to pitch in, you can donate to our Summer Food Drive, or bring donations to my office, through August 4th. All donations will go to Volunteers of America Western WA food banks.

Since 1984, Windermere associates have dedicated a day of work to complete neighborhood improvement projects as part of Windermere’s Community Service Day. After all, real estate is rooted in our communities. And an investment in our neighborhoods gives us all a better place to call home.